A Combination of Passion, Precision and Pride

Founder & Director

Hello, my name is Alexa Dodson. I grew up in the Bay of Islands in New Zealand riding horses and exploring the outdoors. After graduating I turned down a scholarship to the University of Otago, instead choosing to follow my passion and take the opportunity to see more of the world while travelling and working with horses in various forms.


After several years overseas experimenting with career paths, from training wild horses in America to working as a Scuba Diving Instructor in East Africa, I have returned home to develop my skills and focus on launching my own business, Scope Marketing.


With a background in marketing and brand development, combined with a passion to improve equestrian sport in New Zealand, Scope Marketing has been created to help equestrians and their businesses through innovative and professional marketing.


Built on the philosophy that good business will translate to an improved industry and more opportunity for our athletes, I hope to see more New Zealander riders achieve their goals. 

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