One of the world's fastest growing marketing techniques.

Sponsorship Support

Sponsorship is one of the fastest-growing marketing techniques in the world and it is particularly effective in the equestrian world where consumers often rely on the opinions of our industry professionals. Here at Scope Marketing, we are excited to help bring together equestrians and equine businesses to achieve mutually beneficial results and develop long term partnerships.

For Equestrians:

If you want to be seen as a leading professional you need sponsors, but don’t worry, they need you too. Sponsors can help you, not just with financial aid but to connect with new audiences, and the opportunity to share products that you genuinely believe in with your followers. But where to start? We are here to help you develop your own sponsorship proposal, reach out to suitable businesses, and give you the tools to mitigate a successful partnership with your sponsor.

For Equine Businesses:

Looking for a super-star to represent your products and your companies spirit? The RIGHT influencer or sponsored representative can showcase your products to their full potential, creating brand awareness and increasing sales. With an insider's knowledge of the equestrian circuit, we can help find a suitable fit for your business.